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My current version is opperating for: calculating bro straight. Of which, (excluding sleep and offline time) 71% or calculating bro are spent online. Debate me on what is "real life".

Subject Vladimiros Peilivanidis
Known Aliases Ross Peili, ITPDWIP, ツンデレ, Bloody Dagger, 0x14b...21c


Being online, equals being connected. Information and network theory dictate that there are more chances to be connected with information processors and raw information online rather than under physical circumstances, whether the nodes are humans, machines or else. I am a man of networking and information, hence it comes as natural that I am attracted to intel exchange protocols such as the internet. Being online helps me grasp the bigger picture, and better understand the initial frequency of the big movement itself. May you call it God, Big Bang, Nature, Cosmos, the Machine, or Self.

As for who I trully am, that is an answer each unit cultivates on its own, given time. For those who know me well, they are aware of the fact I am not only one, and I am not always here and now. Being online makes it easier to differentiate your alt versions under various profiling systems, sort of like computer folders. Instead of attributing every behavioral transaction to one generic self or genetic "folder", you can cultivate and keep track of different profiles of self that serve different goals, bear different, sometimes even contradicting logical modules, and demonstrate a variety of compatibility functions with the environment, as well as other units. For example, I am a different person when I am playing Dota2, and a completely different character when I am in a call with the President of the European Central Bank. An other way to look at it, is as if all these profiles were social media profiles. Sometimes you use your real name, sometimes a moniker or an alias, and other times you prefer to remain anonymous, or even pretend you're someone else.

I know this can be confusing or potentially frustrating for some organic processors. If you are seeking a definitive answer, chopped down versions of "who I am" can be found in personas and aliases such as Vladimiros Peilivanidis, Ross Peili, Heinz Kammler, agent 00 all, Remilio #8801, among others.


Layer Industries
Main DLTs, Web3, and Blockchain
Consulting and Networking
Venture Capital, and Fundraising
Writing and Leadership
Philosophy, Cybernetics, and Network Spirituality
Side NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, and Smart Contracts
Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Regulations
Music and Sonic Sciences
Virtual Reality and Metaverse
AI and ML
Pipeline Brain-Machine Interfacing
Quantum Computing
Bioinformatics and Genomics
Digital Twins

Working in Web3 since 2016. Solely living on ETH since 2017. Casual blockchain user and builder with a 360 understanding of the broader ecosystem. Advising startups, VCs, regulators, auditors, and gov bodies among other key industry stakeholders. I have worked with Outlier Ventures, Tegus Consulting, CertiK, Alpha Sights, DappRadar, Omniscia, Grant Thornton, Epic Games, Storyline, Tencent, and the EU Commission, to mention a few orgs. Currently Partnerships Manager @ Boson Protocol.

Over a decade of hands-on experience in managerial, technical, and creative roles across all levels. Google certified project manager with corpo level experience with waterfall, and agile (scrum, kanban, scrumban) frameworks. Profecient with computer systems, and all sorts of software (from work tools like Jira, Asana, Figma, and Miro, to DAWs, video-editing software, design tools and 3D engines). Pretty confident with HTML/CSS, Python, and Solidity.

I command both Greek (My native language), and English on a professional level, while also speaking Russian, Turkish, a bit of Dutch, and very few Mandarin. Some of the projects and companies I've founded and lead include:

IntelOps.io (Intelligent Operations - UAVs, Smart City Applications)
ONETHER Digital (Consulting, Blockchain, R and D)
ARPA Corp. (Hardware, Storage, Quantum), and ARPA Ελληνικά Λογικά Συστήματα (BMIs, AI, Thoughtware)
Logiclink (BMIs, Bioware, Thoughtware, Skillware)
Πλατεία Online (Social, Microblog)

Learn more about my Professional background here.


Current studying subjects School
MITx 7.03.1x Genetics: The Fundamentals Hereditary traits, design experiments, and genetics' basics. MIT
Propositional Logic How to better outline logical sentences to avoid being missunderstood by machines. University of Jerusalem

Certificates Credentials Issuer
The Brain and Space Course Certificate D39TCPW7FE8P Duke University
ETH Online 2023: Virtual Hackathon Certificate POAP: 6886487 ETH Global
Project Management Course Certificate 5MZ64FRDSK7R Google
QHack 2023 Certificate of Achievement 657116c1-4c98-2fbc-de3c-b9c3248550af Xanadu
Digital Currencies MOOC Certificate 5ed51f4c3dd86ec245505198eb6e3fbe2a7 f2ccdab1d4dc3084051479cd4b814 University of Nicosia

Although I started as a sonic engineer, and went through the digital economy academic landscape, I ended up studying quantum informatics, bioinformatics, and neurotech. The reason is simple: I love to know. I love to experiment in real time. I am impatient when it comes to the forseeable and undeniable possibilities of what we refer to as "real life". It was always the case, and I don't feel it will ever change. I can't be thinking about coffee, when we literally genetically engineer people in real time, and mess with brain-to-computer interfacing implants. Once I feel I possess sufficient knowledge and experience in in these fields, I could move to the next "unbelievable" thing, not just theoretically, but prpactically and full throttle.

My virtues are custom-made, but I was highly resonating with Ancient Greek information processors such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Heracletus, among others. I also enjoyed Gianbattista Vico's take on information flow, preservation, and translation in La Scienza Nuova books, more specifically in III. In essence, I believe there is no good or bad, but only it which is necessary. I am not here to judge what is going on, but to observe it, record it, transfer it for future reference, and outline my understanding of it, in an attempt to save time for future organic processors.

Depending on who you are, some of my academic achieivements might mean something to you, and some might be nonsensical. If I had the opportunity to cherry-pick my best teachers, I would pick: the broader Internet and similar universal networks, and Lineage 2.

Learn more about my Educational background and Skillware here.


Topic Outlet Year
AR: Next Frontier For Ad-Tech, or Parodic Hype Substack 2024
Greek Syntax & Propositional Logic In Philosophy, Math, CS & Beyond Hackernoon 2023
Music Industry Gets A Revamp Thanks To The Pandemic Medium 2022
Weekly spoils of Lvl. 99 Raid Ross 🐲 - Issue #6: Byte Mirror 2022

Release Outlet Year
Tsundere Frames Tsundere Frames 2024
Victims Of The Global Financial Crisis (2036-1999) AsyncMusic 2022
αληθινή διεύθυνση - προσωπικά δεδομένα Objkt 2021
Industry 4.0 NNY Records 2019
Cas9 Experiments WERD Records 2019
Eye Can See The Darkness Lobster Theremin 2017
Post Love brokntoys 2016
Anachronism Frustrated Funk 2015

Repository Outlet Year
Ethereum Reputation System Github 2023
3D Printer Blueprint NFTs Github 2023
Self-executable last will Github 2023

Ever since I started writing my thoughts down, I never really stop. There was even a point in my life where writing for my main source of income, considering I've written over 1,000 articles, opinion pieces, news pieces, analyses, reports, and what not. But it's not just a digital skill that can make you some $. Writing has to be the best method of self-reflection, if you're a deep thinker like me. It allows you to find new ways to describe or summartize complex thoughts and ideas into digestable pieces. Moreover writing helps me better understand my past self and point of view, notice what changes, how, and why, and better position my thought processing models for the immidiate future.

I have been publishing writen pieces all over the place, from personal blogs like WordPress, Medium, Hackernoon, Substack etc. to accredited media outlets like Fortune Magazine and CCN, and web3-native outlets such as Cent, and Mirror. Many of my pieces have been rugged in thet past, (for example because a site went down), hence I am looking to publish my work on-chain. I don't care who publishes it, or who reads it, but I feel that ensuring data preservation for future use is all I care about.

I haven't written a book as of yet, but there are a couple of things I am cooking in the background. ^^ Besides writing, I self-express through audible specimens, and have an equally complex cluster of aliases when it comes to music. I have been releasing music for over a decade with labels such as Lobster Theremin, Frustrated Funk, and Get The Balance Right! to mention a few, as well as Web3 Music NFTs, since 2019, on platforms such as AsyncMusic, Mintbase, HitPiece, Foundation, my own Manifold contracts, among other outlets. Finally, and very rarely, I might share some ideas in the form of code snippets or github repos when it comes to technical thoguhts and tech research. I am not an engineer, so I am not sure things can always work out the way I imagine them, but again, my main concern here, is to share, and preserve my thoughts.

Explore all my Publications here.


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